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Ritual Grains, prepared under the light of the moon are hand blended by Soraya using the finest granules, herbs and spices. 28 grams £4.50 plus P&P (UK)

Incense grains for the Full Moon - Imbolc - Eostar - Beltane - Litha - Lammas - Mabon - Samhain - Yule - Banishing - Break a Curse - Break a Spell - Cleansing - Protection - Beauty - Handfasting - Love - Passion - Healing - Fertility - Forgiveness - Confidence -Remembrance - and Spells Booster Grains  

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The Witches Web Magickal Grains come in a 28grams blend which are made by Soraya using the finest appropriate incense granuals, herbs and spices.You can also buy raw grains in to create your own magickal blends, just email your requirements to me or choose from the prepared blends below.

If you are not familiar with the procedure for performing a ritual or how to use grains, Soraya will be happy to send you instructions by email.

Each pack costs £4.50 plus P&P and contains an original verse to recite during your ritual. Just click on the grains of your choice -
Only available to purchase in the UK

Magickal Grains
Sabbat and Esbat Grains
£4.50 plus P&P
Sabbat and Esbat
Banishing and Protection Grains
£4.50 plus P&P
Banishing and Protection
Business Property and Legal Grains
£4.50 plus P&P
Business and Legal
Healing and Fertility Grains
£4.50 plus P&P
Healing and Fertility
Love Fertility and Beauty
£4.50 plus P&P
Love and Beauty

Boost any of your spells
by adding just a pinch of
Spell Booster
£4.50 plus P&P

Spell Booster


Here is a Spell crafted for you
So that your wishes may come true
Created by the Light of the Moon
Burn the contents, results will come soon

With love and respect you make your plea
That it be Blessed by the Power of Three
Your work The Lady watches to see
That it harm none so mote it be

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