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The Mystery of the Wooden Rose
A Romantic Paranormal Trilogy by Soraya
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EBook & Paperback

Before the Rose, the Gypsy’s Curse. (Prequel to The Wooden Rose)

They say the sins of the fathers fall on the sons, but what of the sins of the mothers… Mary always manages to get her own way. As a child, she is stubborn, determined, acts without thinking, and never considers the consequences of her actions. The old Mother tries to explain to her that what she says and does will come back to her three times over, good or bad. When she angers her common sense and control disappear, and then she worries about the old Mothers words. She often forgets the power of her words, her deeds, and her actions. She utters a vile curse, which haunts a family to this day, but it haunted Mary too, and her thoughtlessness repays her when she least expects it, in tragic and heartbreaking ways. This fascinating romantic suspense, set in and around Glasgow and Ayrshire will keep you hooked to the very end and leave you wanting more. This is a charming mysterious love story.


EBook & Paperback

The Wooden Rose, a symbol of love, a mystery unravelled

Fast paced and easy to read, The Wooden Rose will take you on a romantic yet emotional journey where you will feel the pain of loss, and the joy of discovering friendship, love and family. In the 1880’s gypsy lad Eddie, carves a rose from a piece of wood and gives it to his sweetheart Rosa to express his love for her. The wooden rose bridges the gap from the past into the present, through love and life, tragedy and sorrow.
In present times, Alina Webster finds the wooden rose in a charity shop, and begins to experience unusual dreams. Alina is facing her own challenges and life changing circumstances, but a chance encounter helps her to discover her true path, and establish herself as a professional psychic consultant based in Glasgow. The frequent appearance of an old gypsy woman in her dreams worries Alina; When the ghost of the old woman begins to appear, Alina opens herself up to her psychic abilities, and uses her knowledge of Tarot, Runes, and Numerology to investigate the reason for the ghostly appearances. In doing so Alina discovers a long forgotten murder mystery. The wooden rose creates a catalyst that restores romance, love, friendship, and above all family, to Alina’s life. This fascinating romantic suspense will keep you hooked to the very end and you may not be able to put it down until it is finished. This is a new slant on Tartan Noir with this charming mysterious love story set in and around Ayrshire, Glasgow, and the River Clyde.

EBook & Paperback

After the Rose, breaking the curse (Sequel to The Wooden Rose)

After the Rose is the third part in the trilogy ‘The Mystery of the Wooden Rose’ and is the culmination of an evocative story that begins when young Gypsy lad Eddie carves a token for his childhood sweetheart.
In this latest book, ‘After the Rose,’ Alina is asked by the police to help with a cold case, a missing teenager, and in spite of the risk to herself, and the challenges she might face, she agrees. She has made a promise to the Goddess to help those in need whenever she can, hoping and believing that good deeds will in some way break the curse made by her ancestor Mary so long ago.
Alina’s pagan faith has taught her that what you put out comes back to you threefold and her mission is to break the curse so that it no longer affects anyone especially the children that she hopes to have in the future. Every month, in the dark of the Moon, she performs her banishing ritual. Will this be enough, or will Alina’s future happiness be marred by sins of the past?
The Wooden Rose is an extraordinary good read which I found to be in the best of storytelling traditions. The first part is set in the past (1900’s) and ends neatly, to be taken up in the second part with a link back to the characters we met in the first part, where we met a gypsy couple. It's a lovely narrative device and well handled by Soraya. The story of the wooden rose (deliberate lower case letters) is the connection, from the past, with a small wooden rose almost like a talisman, worn around the neck of a certain girl..... to say more would be to spoil it for the reader. Suffice to say the characters we meet from the 19th Century in the first part of the story, are connected in the most interesting way with the future- also set in Scotland- with the characters we meet there. The River Clyde is a feature in this story, a great icon of an emotional life since water is surely the best representation of emotion I can think of. There is extraordinary detail in the telling of the story- rooms, streets, characters are portrayed in a way that gives us a vivid image of who we are dealing with and where they are. The elements of romance are wonderfully handled, as the modern story has a strong relationship with the protagonist, Alina, and her lover. The great thing is that psychic life, tarot and various other occult phenomena are intertwined in the modern section of the novel, with an interweaving of sub-plots and main plot which are in themselves very well-written and feasible- as a writer I can see how a lot of thought and hard work were put in to ‘tie up’ the incredibly complex weaving of this story. What I loved the most was the sheer tight focus of the narrative, which held the attention and kept you rooted in the story’s mystery. The ending is quite simply, beautiful. Thank you Soraya for an excellent read, and I will definitely need to read the prequel, and the ‘curse broken’, final instalment of the trilogy. Wonderful storytelling.