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Tarot by White Witch and best selling author Soraya

Book of Tarot by Soraya
Kilmarnock South Ayrshire Tel 01563 884344

Soraya is A Natural Psychic,
A Student of the Tarot,
A Mistress of the Runes,
A Numerologist and
A Reiki Master Teacher

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This is an ideal book for beginners as the information is given in a clear easy-to-read style. Gives advice on how to choose your cards and get to know them. It details some card spreads to work with the single card, three card, Celtic cross and the horoscope spreads. I have a lot of books on tarot but her meanings for the cards are always accurate, perhaps not surprising since she is Scotland's favourite psychic after predicting a huge win for someone,who a few weeks later won 2.8 million in the lottery! Each of the 78 cards are given both upright and reversed meanings along with what they mean in each house of the horoscope spread. Well worth a read for any tarot fan. I love this Book by Soraya (Willow)

As a tarot user of almost 30 years experience, this is my favourite book on tarot. To such an extent, that having misplaced/lost my last copy of it, I am now ordering a second copy.
Thank you Soraya for such an brilliant book! I am happy to recommend it to any tarot user, either amateur or professional.
Comment Was this review helpful to you? By lightxtend

My mum has a copy of this which made me buy my very own. It is a really good insightful book on tarots A MUST buy :) By Amy

The Ordinary Playing Cards

The Tarot consists of seventy-eight cards, twenty-two Major cards, and fifty-six Minor cards. The major cards relate to life experiences brought about by the influence of Destiny, in other words the Cause. The minor cards are the Effects that these major changes have on your life. The twenty-two major cards tell the story of our life cycles, birth, life, death, rebirth, and each one shows the influences that are brought into our life by their appearance.

The fifty-six minor cards are made up of four suits, each suit containing a King, a Queen, a Knight, and a Page, followed by ten cards numbered one to ten. The Four suits are commonly referred to as Wands, Cups, Pentacles, and Swords. When it became dangerous to be found with Tarot cards, due to threat of imprisonment and or death, the scholars of the Tarot concealed the four Knights and the twenty-two Major Arcana leaving fifty-two cards of four suits. Each of the remaining suits then contained a King, a Queen, and a Page, commonly known as the Jack, and ten cards numbered one to ten.
These suits were then identified as the ordinary playing cards which we know today, Clubs (Swords), Hearts (Cups), Diamonds (Pentacles), and Spades (Wands). This of course shows how it is possible to read ordinary playing cards but, not truly accurately because the Major cards which show the changes caused by Destiny are missing and only the effects can be shown, therefore only part of the story can be told...
Choosing Your Cards
Today there are more sets of Cards available than ever before and if you are familiar with Tarot, you will be guided by the style, design, the artist, or perhaps even the price. If however, you are choosing your first set of Tarot it is extremely important that you choose a set of cards that are illustrated throughout the entire deck. Some sets of Tarot only have the twenty-two Major Cards illustrated. The remaining fifty-six cards are not. For example for the four wands, all you will see is four wands, no picture. Someone who is experienced with the mysteries of Tarot and understands the symbolism will find it easier to read a deck like this, but it is not suitable for beginners.
If you are unsure, Rider Waite, Arcanum, or Robin Wood decks are good decks to start with. Sadly, most decks come in sealed boxes and it may not be possible to have a look at all the cards so it is important to go to a reputable dealer who can properly advise you, or take someone with you who knows what they are doing.
You will probably find that after you have become familiar with what you are doing that you will want another set anyway, I have around twenty sets now and am always on the lookout for something new and exciting. Nevertheless, I am very fussy not only about what cards I buy but about where I buy them too. I look for pleasant service and an ambient atmosphere. If I have that first, I will begin to look at the selection of cards available. Remember when you are working with the Oracle, you are working with energies or vibrations so you should be aware of that right from the beginning.
When you choose to work with Tarot, you are embarking on a journey of discovery. You must be dedicated and even a little brave because sometimes you may see things that you do not fully understand. These revelations may frighten you because you do not understand them. Tarot is not about bad news. Tarot is about choice. Tarot will identify all situations or changes in your life that you are meant to see, and used properly, will show you your options, how best to deal with difficulties or changes or, how long it will be before problems are solved and what will come after...