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Book of Spells by best selling author Soraya

Book of Spells
by Soraya
Kilmarnock South Ayrshire Tel 01563 884344

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The Magick has already begun

Do you believe that there is a reason for everything?
Do you believe that if you wish hard enough anything is possible?
Do you that you can do more in your life?
Have you noticed that sometimes what you want happens almost before you express the desire?
Where are you now?
Standing in a shop or sitting in your favourite chair at home.
Perhaps someone has given you this book; perhaps you have been drawn to it. 
Either way the magick has already begun.


An Extract from Soraya's Book of Spells

When we desire something the thing we normally do is to think of it. Then we might talk about it to someone close. Some people take things a little further and do something about achieving what they want. If it is an item that can be purchased, they might start saving for it.  Making the magick happen is as simple as that but with knowledge and practice it can go much further.

When I was a child, I was always wishing for something. My mother would tell me to be careful about what I wished for as I might get it and then be sorry. It was years before I began to understand what she meant. Any time that I questioned her, she would tell me that I would understand when I was older.

On one particular day, I asked for new Ice skates and my mum said that I could not have them. I pleaded with her and finally she said that she could not afford them. I replied that I wished we were very rich and could afford everything. My mum was furious. She turned to me, pointing her finger, shaking it at me in anger and told me never to wish for such a thing. I was shocked at her reaction.

I only wanted to be rich, what was wrong with that. Mum explained to me that I would feel very bad if my wish came true because of something bad that had happened to someone. I still could not understand so she almost whispered her fears.

" What would you feel like if someone you loved very much died and left you a lot of money".

That made me stop and think. She was right; I would have been heartbroken if had lost someone I loved.

You might wish for a new car and think there is nothing wrong with that. You would hate to have an accident and be injured and that could happen making it necessary for you to claim your insurance to get your new car. You might wish a passionate lover to come into your life and when he or she arrives, might be passionate and exciting but might not touch your heart with love. I can speak from experience on that one.

One day I spilt some coffee on my lovely new cream coloured, canvas espadrilles. I decided to wash them to get rid of the stain.  Later, after they had dried in the sun, I inspected them only to discover that there was no difference. The stain was still there.

As I looked at them I realised that the stain was in the shape of the Sun. Not realising what I was doing I began to create a magick spell. I took a coloured pen and drew round the stain. Now that I had done this on one shoe, I had to balance it up on the other one too. I drew a crescent moon on the other shoe. I tried both shoes on and admired my handiwork.

I began to think of the symbols that I had used. The sun is masculine and the moon is feminine, hmm! I did not have someone special in my life so I thought it would be fun if drawing a masculine symbol on my shoe brought someone into my life. I was beginning to be quite carried away with myself.

My sign is Capricorn so I drew the appropriate glyph on the shoe with the moon symbol. Now I really had to think. What would be an exciting sign to be in a relationship with? Well I knew that the sign of Scorpio is quite a sexy sign so without further ado I drew the glyph for Scorpio on the shoe with the Sun symbol on it. I needed some action in my life so on went the symbol for Mars and to balance this the other shoe was given the symbol for Venus. I was very happy with the finished result and was proud to wear my previously ruined shoes. If only I had realised!

Within the week, someone who was born under the sign of Scorpio befriended me. He was passionate, sexy and attractive and although this certainly brought some action into my life, he did not love me nor I him. The tragedy was though, when I tried to tell him how I felt, he did not want to listen. No matter what I said or did, I was not able to convince him that this relationship was not what I wanted.

I cried many tears over this and eventually I had to hurt his feelings and damage his pride. I felt bad and I am sure he did too and to this day, he has never forgiven me. I created magick without thinking about what I was doing and without considering the effects that my magick would have on another person's life.

And that brings us back to the first rule of magick "And it harm none". You may wonder in what way this inadvertent spell came back to me. Simple really the next person that I dated broke my heart.

Reviews of Soraya's Book of Spells

I loved this book because of the personal and straightforward way in which Soraya explains about magick and Wicca. The spells are laid out in a clear and easy-to-follow way that is also very entertaining to read. Soraya makes magick accessible and always stresses that it should be used only for the good.
The author of this book, Soraya, is a psychic, Reiki master teacher and White Witch from Scotland who believes that there is a higher power at work in all our lives and that we can use our own inner strength to connect with this higher power and change our lives for the better.
There are spells for Love, Peace, Health, Career, Opportunities, Protection and Prosperity, to name but a few. Each spell gives a list of materials and symbols you will need, rather like a recipe, and specifies when is the most fortunate time to carry them out.
I like the down-to-earth way she explains about witchcraft and its history, and how she gives examples from her own experiences to help others in their journey into Wicca. This is the perfect book for those who want to find out what Wicca is and if that is the path for them. I can't wait for the next one.