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Reiki Training MAnual by Reiki  Master Teacher and best selling author

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By Reiki Master Teacher Soraya

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Traditional Usui Tibetan Reiki Training that complies with today's expected standards of education compiled by Reiki Master Teacher Soraya from her Lightworkers Foundation Reiki Training Manuals.

This is a comprehensive guide that will show the student what to expect from 1st Degree Reiki through to Master Teacher Level, and is a must for the Reiki Master Teacher who wishes to teach and run a successful Reiki Training Business.

This Reiki Training Manual with easy to follow instructions, will provide you with detailed information, illustrated hand positions, Reiki Symbols including the Antahkarana and information on how to start your own Reiki Training business. It includes information on preparing and running Reiki courses and Sharing Days advertising your courses, setting up your web site and preparing and storing your files on a PC.

Other chapters include Chakras, Meditation, Sample Case Studies, Basic Anatomy and Physiology, Reiki with other Therapies Reiki with Crystals and indexed lists to help you to find the appropriate crystal to use for particular conditions.

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