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Enhance your Psychic Powers by White Witch and best selling author Soraya

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About Enhance your Psychic Powers
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So you are beginning to think that you may be psychic! Well the good news is you are. We all are. I am sure that you can remember standing in a crowded room and feeling as though someone was staring at you. You try to remain casual as you turn and look around and there across the room looking right at you, is an old friend grinning from ear to ear. Instantly you forget the initial apprehension as you make your way over to your friend and you probably spend the next ten minutes laughing about your mutual experience. I say mutual because when your friend relates his or her side of the story they probably tell you that they had been watching you for ages willing you to turn around.

Well if that is not psychic what is it?


This review from By Molly Moon "jazzykid1-bookworm" (New Zealand).
I enjoyed reading this book and it gave me a lot of enjoyment. I especially liked reading about my star sign-Aquarius! I also cast a friendship spell that actually worked. I also thought the tarot and meanings of objects were brilliant. For example, an alligator could mean a dangerous enemy, which was a weird coincidence, because in a Simpson's episode where Bart was supposed to be murdered by a dangerous enemy, there was an alligator, that kept trying to bite him. Brilliant book!

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Extract from Enhance your Psychic Powers


The Collins dictionary defines this as “Outside the possibilities defined by natural laws as mental telepathy” or “Sensitive to forces not recognised by natural laws” and “A person who is sensitive to parapsychological forces or influences”
And yet how can this be outside natural laws when it is the most natural thing in the world. You cannot touch your instincts but you cannot deny them or say that they are outside the natural laws. My interpretation of a psychic is someone who is sensitive to the vibrations that are around, seen or unseen.

You know that you have instincts but the sad thing is that for most people they have forgotten how to use them. Have you ever been confined to bed after an illness or an operation and found that the first time you try to walk your legs are like jelly. Almost as though they have forgotten how to walk. It is the same with your psychic ability. If you do not use it you begin to forget how to use it. All you have to do now is practice every day and at every opportunity and soon just like walking again after an illness, you regain full strength.

Learning how to relax

The first lesson in learning how to relax is learning how to make yourself unavailable to telephone calls or visits from friends and family. You only need 30 minutes in the day or evening when you can switch off the phone and tell your loved ones not to disturb you unless of course it is an emergency. You can practice in your bath or on your bed, your favourite chair or even the floor if you prefer it.

Once the phone has been switched off make yourself warm and comfortable and begin to breathe slowly and deeply. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of each breath as it fills your lungs and then listen to the sound each breath makes as you breathe out.

Try to visualise each breath in as being brilliant white and healing. Don’t panic! if you think you can’t visualise you can imagine. There is a difference, imagining happens in your Crown Chakra whilst visualising happens in your Third eye. I will explain more of this later in the following pages.

As you breathe out visualise that you are breathing out all the negative energy from your body. Maintain this steady flow of watching positive healing energy filling your body and negative energy leaving your body. Gradually you will be filled with a sense of calm and peace but after a short while your logical side will try to take over and the distractions will begin.

At this point all manner of things can pop in and out of your mind and the best of us can find this frustrating. Its called “Monkey Brain” and the cure is simple. Go back to visualising positive energy flowing into your body and when a distracting thought comes in send it to the back of your head and again focus on your breathing. Each time a distracting thought occurs send it to the back of your brain.
Practice this relaxation technique as often as you can and soon you will be ready for the next step. 


Make yourself comfortable close your eyes and begin to breath in positive energy as before. When you feel relaxed and your breathing is slow and steady, focus all your attention on your third eye. Remember your third eye is the space between your eyebrows in the middle of you forehead. Imagine that inwardly you are looking at that space.

Sometimes the image of an eye will appear. Do not worry this is normal. Many people tell me that they can see the eye but nothing else. The secret here is when you see your third eye look right through it. At first you may only see a black or dark space but gradually images may begin to appear.

Do not try to force this just remain relaxed and focused and then when the images do come all you have to do is observe them. As you become more comfortable and familiar with this technique you may hear or have the impression of hearing words, sound and even music. Sometimes you may want to focus on a particular theme and monkey brain continually distracts you. The following exercises will help you to maintain your focus.

Focus Exercise One

Make yourself comfortable close your eyes and begin to breathe in positive energy as before. When you feel relaxed and your breathing is slow and steady, focus all your attention on your third eye. See before you an apple pip. The skin of the apple pip is dark brown and shiny. In your minds eye turn the seed around so that you can look at it from all angles.

The moment that you begin to feel distracted focus again on the apple pip and begin to see a tiny little green shoot appearing at the top of it. The shoot begins to grow and there before your eyes it has produced two tiny leaves. Taller it grows gaining in strength until it is a young tree.

As the leaves begin to mature you can see buds forming which burst into bloom. As the apple blossom begins to fade the fruit begins to grow. There before you is an apple. It is red and juicy and ripe for picking. In your minds eye you pick the apple and begin to eat the fruit. Be aware of the sweetness of the fruit and the feeling of the flesh and juice in your mouth. Soon you are down to the core and all you are left with is the apple pip.
Spend a few moments focusing again on the apple pip and then gradually come back into yourself. Stretch your legs and arms take a deep breath of positive energy and open your eyes.

Focus Exercise Two

Make yourself comfortable close your eyes and begin to breath in positive energy as before...