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Psychic Guidance from White Witch and best selling author Soraya

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Psychic Guidance
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This book is the next best thing to a private consultation with the top International Psychic Soraya

From time to time in our lives we meet difficult situations or events. More often than not we are unable or unsure of how to deal with them.
Some of us turn to Tarot or Runes if we have them and know how to use them. There are other disciplines that can be consulted too like the I Ching or Astrology. We can’t all tell the future though, and not everyone understands Tarot or Runes.

For instance, if you had a problem and had access to a deck of Tarot cards, would you know what any particular card meant if you drew one for guidance. Perhaps not, so what action do you take, where do you get guidance when you need it?

Tarot, Runes and all the other disciplines work by chance, the chance that you will pick one card over another or when using Runes, one stone instead of another. This book works on the same chance principle.
In the following pages are 365 predictions that I have put together using various disciplines.

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How to find your Answer

This is not a book to "Read once and put away" it is a book that will help you when there is nowhere else to turn too.
Dedicated to everyone who has struggled with life’s daily challenges or who has witnessed others who are suffering.

This book of Psychic Guidance provides the key and helps us to make decisions or choices.
All you have to do is focus your mind on the situation that concerns you. If you are using a digital version simply scroll through the chapters and select one at random and there you will find your answer.
If you are using a paper version of the book, keep the book closed while you think of your question and then open at a random page to find your answer. I hope that you will find guidance that will help you to deal with your challenge. Blessings Soraya

“Just your imagination?
Of course it’s your imagination!
This world is your imagination
Have you forgotten?”
By Richard Bach from The Messiah’s Handbook