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The Wooden Rose by Best Selling Author Soraya

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About the Wooden Rose

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Soraya's first novel, a romantic mystery delves into the esoteric and paranormal. Based in and around Glasgow and Ayrshire this is a new slant on Tartan Noir.

The Wooden Rose will take you on an emotional journey where you will feel the pain of loss and the joy of discovering friendship love and family.
In the 1880’s gypsy lad Eddie carves a token of his love from a piece of wood and gives it to his sweetheart. Through love and life, tragedy and sorrow, the wooden rose bridges the gap and brings the past into the present.

With the rose newly in her possession, Alina Webster is facing her own challenges and life changing circumstances but a chance encounter helps her to find her true path and establish herself as a professional psychic consultant based in Glasgow.

The frequent appearance of an old gypsy woman in her dreams worries Alina but as she opens herself to her abilities she begins to use her knowledge of Tarot, Runes and Numerology to investigate the reason for the old gypsy woman’s appearance and discovers a long forgotten murder mystery. In the process the rose creates a catalyst that restores love friendship but above all family to Alina’s life.

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Reviews for the Wooden Rose

This was a lovely read: refreshingly different. The author leads us through a tragedy in a traditional Romany community through to its long reaching repercussions in today's modern world. You reluctantly leave the ancient traditions of the charming rural community only to be rewarded by the twists and turns faced by our modern heroine. The characters are beautifully observed and the sentiments within are strong but never over done. I couldn't put it down and look forward to reading more of this author's work. Brenda Frew

As someone who has read and constantly has a number of Soraya’s titles open such as her kitchen with and psychic powers books I was intrigued to read her offerings on fiction. The story starts out with a young gypsy couple in the 1900s who are starting their relationship and romance together. You are immediately transported as the internal dialogue is written with a Scottish accent so it feels like you are hearing them talk instead of just reading. Without giving too much away, tragedy strikes and things are changed. The book later on continues to present day and follows the story of Alina who when we first meet her is not a happy lady at all, then a tragedy occurs in her life which forces her to re-evaluate her life and make changes. We then begin to discover that she is a pagan who works with tarot and is very gifted. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in two sittings. I don't want to give too much away as I don't want to spoil the story but I think fans of Lesley Pearce and Kate Morton would enjoy this along, as It is that kind of style where there are multiple stories that then link up and it also has the added interest of psychic side of things. Go on read it. Brilliant read By E. Savignon

A Spiritual love story spanning time. A lovely story to read, interesting, although naively written in parts. I loved the esoteric detail in the story, l haven't found anyone who writes like this. As l read through the tale l wondered if there was a touch of truth in part- is part of Soroya's past in there? Worth a read, you might need tissues at the end! Nicky.

So glad I came across this book. It was a lovely story. I passed "The Wooden Rose" on to my friend and she thought it was great too an Amazon Customer

Absolutely Brilliant! A lovely story of grief and healing, love and loss. I can't wait for the next book! Moonshinestar

I would recommend you buy this book! A lovely story, full of romance and tragedy…. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down and finished the book in a matter of hours. I cannot think of anything negative to say about the book and will definitely be recommending this book to my friends. What a talented lady! Sharlene Slattery

Beautiful story and well written. Easy to follow. Looking forward to the next one. xx Loopyloo

It's a really good story I'm enjoyed both stories separated by 100 yrs and loved the characters from both timescales...I've just finished chapter 23 and I'm sitting here crying, I am absolutely loving this book...I even went and looked out my Tarot cards and my little book as I am loving the explanations of the packs and the Spreads
Wow... I'm finished, I want to read the prequel and the sequel NOW....I loved Alina; I can actually see her in my mind’s eye... Spoiler alert** I had goose bumps when the remains were found and I loved that Alina, Ronnie and Sally were thought of as a team who could be hired to find missing persons, my immediate thought was let them find poor Madeleine McCann.
I am actually quite drained after reading the book and I have spent the day looking at Soraya other books including her Spells books. I'm looking though that and Soraya's Rune book.
I'm totally tuned into everything around me… Feels like my skin is prickly, tingly, really strange! Thank you for this amazing story and for sharing it with us X Joanna McNeill

A poignant love story with elements of history and mystery. A real wee page turner, with instantly likeable characters, and a moving story line. As a first foray into fiction for the author, who is well known for her factual books on tarot and paganism, this novel is a great mix of esoteric themes and human interest with a fascinating crossover between the historical travelling community and that of the present day. Top marks! Lovely. Just lovely! Tori Poppins

 A wonderful story that everyone would enjoy. Truly enchanting. Resonated with me on many levels and encompassed in the story are some wonderful pearls of life wisdom. A great union of past and present day culminating together and a clever mix of a variety of esoteric disciplines. Believer or no believer - this is an inspired story that will resonate with everyone at some level. Enchanting! Mel Sinclair

Couldn't put it down! Fascinating story from beginning to end. Thoroughly enjoyed it and the coincidences are amazing too! Can't wait to read the next installments. Amazon Customer

I loved it! Couldn't put it down. A really good story written with raw passion. Amazon Customer

Fabulous book.... I started reading this book and soon found myself being transported into the storyline. A very well written book that you find difficult to put down. A must read. Elizabeth Holzke