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Magickal Rune Vibrations in your name by Best Selling Author Soraya

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About Magickal Rune Vibrations in your Name

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Magickal Rune Vibrations in your Name

Each name has a vibration which we recognise when that name is seen or spoken. We cannot see the vibration, we just feel that we like or do not like it.

If we like a particular name or word it is because our vibration aligns with it.
Runes have vibrations too and I have calculated the runic vibrations that marry to male and female names, for example, to write Soraya, I would use the following Runes,
Sigel, Othel, Rado, Ansur, Yr, and Ansur
and this gives my name the vibration of success.

You can use these interpretations to spell your name and bring additional qualities or benefits to your life, for your career, your profession, or to your relationships. The magickal vibration in the Runes can bestow you with many blessings.

No, I am not giving anything away, if you want to know how I calculated these vibrations then look for the clues, it’s all here, all you have to do is get to know the runes and the sounds they make and you can begin your voyage of discovery

Soraya White Witch andf Best Selling Author
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