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The Little Book of Spells by White Witch and best selling author Soraya

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This little book I do prepare
For one and all to love and share
May it bring wisdom and bring light
Whether it be day or night

Do your work with good intent
And your spell will fly to its intent
Never harm another soul
By word or deed or by your goal

To help another should be your aim
By air and water earth and flame
This is my wish I set you free
To be the best that you can be
And it harm none so mote it be

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The Little Book of Spells by Soraya contains new spells for special and everyday occasions such as job interviews, moving house, courage, money, career, and good things such as blessings, and a calm life.

With a decorative design printed in two colours this book is a gift edition to give or to keep and is an ideal companion to Soraya's new The Little Book of Cord and Candle Magick.

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An Extract from The Little Book of Spells


Witches cast their spells in rhymes and whether you are a new witch or not you may find it difficult to find the right verse for your purpose. Rhyming gets easier the more often your practice so here are some rhymes to get you started or to stimulate your creative writing. You can use them as they are or you can modify them to suit your purpose.

Just remember the golden rules.
Never try to change another’s path
When asking for love never name a specific person.
Never cast a spell to win the lottery
Use your words very carefully as you may get what you want in a manner that would break your heart.
Remain honourable and put others before yourself.
Blessed Be

Air I am

Recite this over and over again to focus your mind or just to feel good and connect to your higher power. These are not my words but are commonly used by witches all over.
Air I am fire I am water earth and spirit I am.
Air I am fire I am water earth and spirit I am
Air I am fire I am water earth and spirit I am
Air I am fire I am water earth and spirit I am