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After the Rose by best selling author Soraya

After the Rose by Soraya
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Book By Bronwen on 22 Mar. 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, Casting the Circles and the Handfasting were fascinating and beautifully written, the characters blended well and the novel flowed without "jumping back scenarios" as some books do.
Stand out characters for me were Fabiana and Sanny, both tortured souls for different reasons, I loved this book, and highly recommend it, please read all the books you will not be disappointed, but beware...... they are all difficult to put down!
I look forward to reading more of Soraya's work in the future.

5.0 out of 5 star By Tracey M.on 22 April 2017
After reading the Wooden Rose and Before the Rose previously I was waiting for this one to come out and can say I certainly wasn't disappointed. Again it is a well written enticing book that keeps you engrossed. You feel as if the characters are physically there with you and you feel their emotions. Thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it as a very good read. Looking forward to what comes next Soraya.



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The Circle cast, the candles lit, and a sliver of the waning moon shone its light in through her window. Alina wore nothing but a sheer sapphire blue gown, and when she raised her arms in salutation of the Goddess, the moonlight outlined her silhouette. She called the Guardians of the Watchtowers at each of the four quarters, to watch over her while she performed her ritual. She blessed each in turn, using smoke from the incense for the element of air to the East, her altar candle she used to represent fire at the South, water represented the West, and salt at the North represented the earth. She focused on her intention and when her mind was clear of all except her desire, she began to recite her request to ‘The Lady’.

“A curse was sent some time ago and many did it harm.
In angry words the curse was made knowing it would return
But, anger blinded common sense and warnings heeded not
For in her rage the Mither’s words sadly were forgot.

With all my might and all my will those words I wish to break
And end the pain and suffering that the angry one did make
Time has passed and will again, as new days come and go
Lady hear my plea, break the curse, please make it so.

I make amends for words that should never have been sent
Ever shall I try to help others with good intent
Lady listen, hear my call, hear my honest plea
And grant my wish, please make it so, this curse no longer be.”

She stood in quiet supplication with her hands clasped in the prayer position and said,“And it harm none so mote it be."

She was still for a time, thinking about the past, and thinking about her ancestor Mary. The story handed down spoke of Mary, who on a wild winter day, with the snow thick on the ground, and a gale blowing hard, issued a curse. The story told was that Mary was making her way to hospital with her baby Rosa who was very sick. A fancy carriage, with a passenger who was described as a pompous, wealthy American, slowed down to look and when he saw that she was a Gypsy, he refused to stop and help her. Mary, enraged and distressed, uttered a vile curse, cursing him and his family for generations to come. Some said the curse caused the assassination of one of his descendants in the 1960’s. No one ever said that family’s name aloud fearing that it would stimulate the curse. Some went as far as saying that the curse touched each generation of Mary’s family.
Alina, an only child, who was unaware of any living relatives, only heard these stories when she first discovered her extended family, after her parents had died. She thought of those dark days in the past, when life for her ancestors was much harder. She thought about the tragedies that had befallen Mary after making the curse. Mary’s family had suffered too, and she wondered how Mary’s life would have been had she not been enraged when the American refused her a lift in his coach. What road would Mary’s life have taken? What choices would Mary have made, and how would these choices have affected Alina’s life today?
She knew by her pagan faith that whatever you put out returns threefold, do good and good will return, do bad and bad will come back to you. Alina was sure that the curse was still present, and would be, until someone was able to break it. Breaking the curse was her mission and she knew that she would do everything in her power to make amends for Mary’s curse. She thought about the unforeseen course of events that had led her from being a recently bereaved daughter and unhappy wife, to being a divorced professional psychic travelling all over the country. She was sad that her parents were no longer with her, but now that she had found her true faith, she had the understanding that they would live again, and this gave her comfort.
A cloud began to pass over the moon and she stirred from her thoughts and moved to the East quarter of her circle. She began, quarter by quarter, to give thanks to the Guardians of the Watchtowers, and to offer back for their use the powers and energies of air, fire, water and earth that had not been used. She snuffed out her candles, and opened her circle. She placed her crystals, wand, athame and chalice on her altar tray, along with her incense holder, and the small bowls for water and salt. She took the tray through to her office and stored them safely in her magickal cupboard, where they would remain until the next time she would use them. She changed into casual fleecy trousers and a knitted jumper, and then wrapped a thick blanket around her shoulders to keep her warm while she sat on her small balcony overlooking the River Clyde. The sky was clear, and bright with stars, and there was a cold December chill to the air. In her mind’s eye, she could see past events unfolding before her, and if she was honest with herself, she would admit that sometimes, she found it difficult looking out at the river without remembering.
Mary’s daughter Rosa had died during the birth of her first child Rosie, and Mary, heartbroken by the loss of her beautiful girl in childbirth, poured all her love and care into looking after baby Rosie until one day, when Rosie was just a young teenager, she disappeared while out selling trinkets. Travelling families came from everywhere to help with the search but no one ever saw Rosie again and no one knew what had happened to her.
Sometimes it takes harsh experiences to awaken the spirit and such was the case with Alina. First, the tragedy of losing her parents when her Father suffered a heart attack while driving on a day out with her Mother, and then her realisation that her husband JJ was cold, uncaring and unsupportive, leading to her leaving him. Stripped of everything that she knew, a new path opened before her, and her spiritual awareness came to the fore.
So much had happened to her in the last few years; she knew she would never come to terms with losing her parents, but each day that passed helped her to remember them without that deep gut-wrenching ache in her heart. Now she could think of them and think of the happy times that they shared. She glanced over to the ceramic flowerpot sitting in the corner of the balcony. The rosemary bush had flowered profusely during the summer, and that made her smile. She thought back to the simple ceremony that she had performed to remember and honour her Mum and Dad. She had written them a beautiful letter telling them how her unhappy marriage to JJ had ended; she had hidden her unhappiness from them when they were alive, but they knew, even though she never said anything, they knew.
In her letter, she wrote about the day she left JJ, and how, when she was checking into a hotel for a few days, she had accidently bumped into Cassandra, the organiser of a psychic tour. That meeting had set her on a new path. She wrote about her friendship with Sally, and how much they laughed together and how supportive Nancy and Davy, her parent’s closest friends, had been. She expressed her love for Ronnie and his Aunt Nessie and even little Jock the West Highland Terrier. The paper was wet with her tears as she poured out her heart and wrote about all the things that they had not been around to see or hear from her lips.
When she had finished writing her letter, she put some fresh soil in a clean pot and then folded her letter several times, until it was a square, small enough to place on top of the soil. She added a little more soil to cover the letter and then fetching the small rosemary plant, for remembrance, she re-potted it on top of the letter. She packed soil around the plant to hold it firmly, watered it, set it in one of her Mother’s favourite ceramic plant potholders, and sat it on her windowsill. She lit a T-lite candle in front of it every morning, and this helped her through her grieving process. Each time she re-potted her plant she wrote another letter, once again telling her parents of events that had occurred since the last time. She kept a diary on her pc of everything that had happened since she started touring with Cassandra’s Psychic Fair and it was her way to keep copies of the letters that she had written to her parents and planted in her Rosemary pot. She occasionally wondered if maybe one day, her notes would form part of a book. Her plant was much larger now and it was strong enough to sit out on the veranda all year. It gave her comfort every time she looked at it, and she could now think of her parents without shedding tears.

Alina had loved her flat and she had loved living here especially now that Ronnie was in her life. She enjoyed having Ronnie’s Aunt Nessie living next door, and then there was Nancy and Davie, who had been a great support to Alina when her parents died. They often came for dinner and sometimes, her newly found cousin Joanna would join them with her husband John and their daughter Rosemarie. The women would gather in the kitchen, sharing tasks and the latest news, laughing and enjoying each other’s company as they prepared food, while the men set the table, opened the wine, and talked about things that men talked about, football, rugby and cricket. Sometimes her friend Sally, who had become like one of the family, would be able to join them and she would entertain them with amusing stories of things that had happened to her since she saw them last.
When Alina had shared her dream about the old gypsy woman, a chance remark from Nancy opened up a completely new world for her. When Alina was a child, her Mother used to tell her a fairy story about a Gypsy princess and how the Gypsy princess had run away to marry the millers son, leaving her little sister behind. Alina had believed that the bedtime story was just that, a bedtime story, but Nancy’s remark, ‘Maybe it connects to your gypsy blood,’ stunned, and at the same time thrilled Alina. She realised that she might actually have relatives, family that she could call her own. Sally suggested later, when she told her about this new revelation, that she should search through her parents papers and when Alina admitted that she was too raw to do that Sally volunteered. It was thanks to Sally’s research that Alina discovered her roots, and now Alina had family that she could see on a regular basis, and she would always be grateful for that. Part of her wished that her Mother and Father were still alive to enjoy these evenings too.
She had to force herself to think of the positives that had come out of this experience, but no matter how hard she tried, there were moments when things would just flash into her mind. She relived the memories of Mary haunting her dreams, and then Mary’s spirit appearing in front of her. At the time, she had no idea who Mary was or that Mary was part of her family, or even that she had died many, many, years before. When this began to happen to her, she knew that Mary wanted her to do something, but at first, she didn’t understand what that was. The dreams and appearances, the help from Ronnie who was the love of her life, and her good friend Sally helped her to discover the reason for Mary’s appearance.
Together they solved the one hundred year old mystery, using Tarot and Runes, then using Psychometry and Dowsing. Following the clues that these disciplines offered, they located the remains of Mary’s granddaughter in the River Clyde very close to Alina’s apartment. A little carving of a wooden rose had started the chain of events. Unbeknown to Alina, Eddie, one of her ancestors, carved the wooden rose and gave it to Rosa as a gesture of his love for her. After Rosa died the token was hidden away in a box but one day Rosie came across it by chance, and from that day she always carried in her pocket. When Rosie disappeared, Eddie found the carving lying in the street at Kinning Park. Who knows what journey the wooden rose had made, eventually ending up in a charity shop where Alina found it? Alina and her Mother were out shopping, and they had gone into the charity shop to browse. She had picked up the wooden rose and put it back several times, then just as they were leaving the shop, she quickly turned back and purchased it. She and her Mother had laughed about the rose calling to her. That was the last time she saw her Mother alive.
The memories of finding Rosie’s remains, so close to where she lived were always present and she shivered as she thought of the headlines in the Newspapers.
“Human Bones Found in Clyde - Glasgow Psychic locates Body.”
She flushed with embarrassment every time she thought of those headlines, and the reporters clamouring outside hoping to get an interview. She realised that this was her path, her journey in life, but she knew, with some certainty, that everything happens for a reason. She might never know the reason for all these things, all she knew was that she would trust her instincts, and look for the signs, the events, or the unfolding situations that would take her to the next step, whatever that step would be.
Sometimes these feelings pulled her down but she hid them from Ronnie. Her flat at Riverview Terrace on the River Clyde, was handy for clients to come for consultations, but there was a sadness hanging over her. She didn’t know if it was because she had found Rosie’s remains so near her home or if it was something else. She knew that she should discuss this with Ronnie, but she wasn’t sure how he would feel about moving and she wasn’t even sure where she wanted to move to. She decided that she would to talk to Ronnie about this, but not yet.
Alina looked over as Jock jumped off the sofa and started running around and then she heard the car. “Are you a little psychic dog,” she said laughing as she picked him up in her arms. She went through to her bedroom and over to the window where she could look down at the car park. If Ronnie and Aunt Nessie had returned the car would be there and sure enough, it was in its usual spot. She opened the apartment door and let Jock have his way, and she laughed as he ran excitedly to welcome them home, slipping and almost running on the spot as his little feet tried to get purchase on the polished hallway. Nessie picked him up, uttering endearments and Jock excitedly licked her face and hair, as she tried to avoid his eager kisses.
Ronnie had taken Aunt Nessie to see Funny Girl at The Menier Chocolate Factory in the West End in London and Alina had stayed at home to look after Jock. Soon they were settled on the sofa with coffee as Nessie shared her excitement of watching Sheridan Smith playing Fanny Brice and singing the songs made famous when Barbara Streisand starred in that role on Broadway.
“It was so exciting, I have never been to a first night performance before, and Ronnie spoiled me the whole time. It was the best birthday present I have ever had.”
Nessie chatted nineteen to the dozen, and was more than ready to go next door to her apartment by the time they had finished their coffee. Alina offered to call her when dinner was ready, but Nessie had other ideas. She wanted to unpack her weekend bag, load her washing machine and then have a quick nap before a light dinner. It had been a busy weekend with early starts, long days and late nights and she was tired out but very happy.
Ronnie wrapped his arms around Alina, “I missed you,” he told her.
“I missed you too.” They stood in front of the veranda doors holding their embrace for a few moments and enjoying the feel of each other’s love. “Did you do a circle last night?”
“Yes, I did.”
“Have you any plans for later.”
“No I thought you would probably be tired after your weekend entertaining Auntie Nessie.” They both laughed and then Alina asked, “Do you have something in mind Ronnie?”
“You have a look about you as though you were holding something back.”
“Can I not have any secrets from my Gypsy Girl,” he asked grinning. Alina laughed at his endearment. She loved hearing him call her his Gypsy Girl. He had given her this pet name since she first discovered her Gypsy roots.
“No, you can’t have any secrets,” Alina laughed at him. “Well,” she said, drawing the word out, “tell me.”
“There’s nothing to tell really, I just thought we could do something nice.”
She was looking at him with a puzzled expression on her face, trying to figure out what he was hiding. “At home or out?”
“What would you like Alina?”
“A surprise.”
“I can arrange that, a surprise it will be then,” he said grinning. “Now I have to go out for a bit, but I will be back shortly.”
She laughed to herself as he kissed her, picked up his jacket and left. She hurried through to the bedroom to watch him going to his car. She would never have admitted it to him but she loved watching him, she loved looking at him. His dark hair always had a tousled look about it and at six feet tall with a lean build he was nice to look at. Dark eyebrows over dark brown eyes gave him a serious look, but he had the kindest heart. As if sensing her, he turned and looked up, saw her at the window and blew her a kiss, she laughed and blew one back.

Alina smiled wondering what Ronnie was up to as she went through to her office to check her emails. There were a few to sort through; some of them were the usual junk, but there were also some messages that needed replies. One was from a repeat client asking for an appointment for a telephone reading, and there were a few from potential clients asking about her services, better still was an email from Sally.
Her mind flashed back to how she had met Sally. She had just made her escape from her husband and had booked into a hotel until she had worked out what she was going to do. She was crossing the foyer when a woman, mistaking her for someone else, ushered her into a conference room. Madame Cassandra was the organiser of a psychic fair at the hotel. She thought that Alina was a new psychic who, as it turned out, hadn’t arrived. Cassandra instinctively knew that Alina had the gift and she talked her into taking the place of the psychic who had let her down.
That first evening, after seeing clients all day, Cassandra introduced Alina to the other psychics, and although they were all very nice, she had bonded with Sally, a white witch, and they had been friends since. As her friendship with Sally grew, so did her understanding of those things that she had always believed in. She had never cast a circle, yet she believed in the power of your words, deeds, and actions. She had never knowingly cast a spell, and yet she could remember a time before she married JJ when her spirituality had been important to her.
As she got to know Sally she confided in her more and more, telling her snippets of her life and her experiences. She told Sally about losing her both her parents, and how Nancy and Davy had taken her under their wing, helping to organise their funeral and almost becoming surrogate parents in the process. She entrusted Sally with her Mother’s old papers that had been stored away, and Sally spent months researching her family line.
Alina was amazed to learn that she had come from a long line of Gypsy’s on her Mother’s side and that she had family she had never known about. For Alina this was a blessing, but it posed problems too because once the relationship with her newly found family developed, she learned of Mary’s Curse. Alina was afraid of the curse. She often wondered if she had lost her parents because of it. She wanted more than anything to break the power of the curse, but she wasn’t even sure that she knew how to do this. She had only recognised and developed her pagan beliefs through her friendship with Sally, although, in Sally’s words, Alina was a natural witch, more intuitive, and more powerful. Nevertheless, Alina still felt very much a neophyte.
“Would the curse come back to haunt her?” she wondered.
Every month, during the dark moon, she performed her ritual and recited the verse that she had created to break the curse, but she had no way to know if it would work.
She maximised Sally’s email, “Hey girl, save Wednesday for me - passing through - Will be there around four. Cook something nice for me.”
She quickly typed a reply “Great. Looking 4ward 2 seeing you. Love as always. A.”
Ronnie didn’t arrive back until around six thirty, he was grinning from ear to ear, and clutching Chinese take away carrier bags.
“Surprise!” he called. “Get the plates out, I come bearing Chinese and a Sandra Bullock movie.”
Alina was delighted, her favourite food and her favourite actress. She quickly set out some tablemats, plates, and cutlery.
“On your knee or at the table?” he asked.
“Spread it out on the table and we can have it on our knees, what do you think?”
“I’m happy with that.”
They plated up their food, moved over to the sofa, and settled down to watch Sandra Bullock playing FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn with Melissa McCarthy playing her reluctant partner. They laughed at the antics of them as they fought with each other, solved the crime, and eventually became the best of friends. When the film was finished, Alina was stacking the dishes in the dishwasher when Ronnie came into the kitchen carrying Alina’s long black coat and holding it out for her to put on.
“Are we going somewhere?” she said as she put her arms through the sleeves, laughing at him at the same time.
“You said you wanted a surprise, well surprise!”
“I thought the Chinese food and the film was my surprise.”
“No, that was just the prequel.”
He was leading her out of the door as she asked,
“Where are we going Ronnie?”
“It’s a surprise,” he laughed.
“Ok,” she dragged out the syllables, raising her eyebrows wondering what he was up to, but fully prepared to go along with his plan whatever it was. “Will I have to wear a blindfold?”She laughed as they reached his Range Rover.
“Not yet,” he said, grinning at her as he was getting into the driver’s side of the car.
As Ronnie drove, Alina sat quietly wondering what was coming next. He drove along Paisley Road West and on through Paisley where he turned off following the signs for the Royal Alexandra Hospital. As he drove past the hospital, Alina turned to him laughing and said, “Thank goodness, for a minute there I thought you were taking me to the hospital.”
“That would have been a surprise,” he laughed, “but no, definitely not the hospital, we’re nearly there.”
It was a beautiful clear night with no clouds in the sky and as Alina admired the first sliver of the moon, Ronnie drove up hill passing Glennifer Country Park. The car park there was known locally as “The Car Park in the Sky” because of its location and spectacular views over Paisley and Glasgow. He continued to drive and then turned off into a quiet country lane. Parking the car, he turned and said to her. “Promise me that you will sit here for a few minutes without trying to see what I am doing.”
“I promise, but I’m curious.”
“All will be clear in a moment, I will call you when I am ready,” he said as he got out of the car, went around to the back of it, and opened the boot. Alina waited. At first, she could hear him at the boot of the car, and then all was silent. She waited; and while she waited, she watched the moon, thinking how happy they were together.
Taking a shortcut one day, searching for a property, Ronnie had come across this particular spot and immediately knew that it would be a perfect for the surprise that he was planning. It was a small copse of trees but there were four large trees, perfectly positioned in the East, South, West and North, with a clearing in the middle. He had returned to the same spot the previous month to make sure that the moon would be visible from the middle of the clearing. He was excited and at the same time nervous. He loved Alina so much that he wanted this moment to be perfect for her.