SORAYA, International Psychic Consultant,
Author, Astrologer, Psychic Agony Aunt, White Witch. Reiki Master Teacher

Available for Private Consultations
Kilmarnock South Ayrshire

I'm in a poor reception area so if you do not get a reply on my mobile Mob 07885 768452
please send a text or call the land line
: 01563 884344
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The Witches Web Notebook

£7.50 plus P&P (uk)
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Witches Web Notebook

Soraya is taking Tarot appointments now for August 19
To book your choose your best time and date
(Daily Mon to Sun between 11am and 3pm)
and email Soraya with your choice of appointment.
She will contact you to confirm.

Merry meet to one and all, Wiccans wild and free
Come join with us on Witches Web, and you will Blessed Be
Share your worries and your skills, Share with those who see
The Lady she will be your friend and you will Blessed Be

The Maiden, Mother, and the Crone do gather one two three
To bring together kinship and you will blessed be
One is weaker, strong is two, three can work together
The Lady makes it four in all, her wisdom is forever
So mote it be.

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Soraya first came to the attention of the media when she accurately predicted (on tape) during a Tarot Reading, a massive win for one of her clients. Within 2 months the client won £2.8 million on the national lottery. Soraya has made TV & Radio appearances and written for national and local newspapers and magazines. She retired from her position with the Sunday Post to honour a writing contract with Geddes & Grosset. Since then she has had more than 20 books published.

Soraya Author
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